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Clinical Evidence

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Tarn Pure Terms and Conditions of Sale – BROKEN LINK 2017
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COMMISSION DECISION concerning the placing on the market for essential use of biocidal products containing copper – BROKEN LINK 2013
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Issues to be Considered Following the Change of Biocide Regulations in the EU 2013
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Background Information in Respect of the Reported Ban on the Use of Copper as a Biocide 2013
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Preventing Legionnaires’ Disease at Hospitals (Case study: University of Wisconsin Hospital) 2012
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Controlling Legionella in Hospital Drinking Water – Evidence Based Review 2011
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COSHH Water Treatment 2011
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Efficacy of Copper-Silver Ionization in Controlling Biofilm – Article by Hsiu-Yun Shih and Yusen E. Lin 2010
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Legionella Control Association Code of Conduct Issue 7 2009
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Survival of C-difficile on copper – Futuristic Options for Hospital Hygiene 2007
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ASHRAE Journal – Article by Dr Janet Stout reviewing ASHRAE guidelines 2007
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The Role of Copper alloys in fighting infection – Copper Development Association 2007
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Lessons learned from Failure – Abbreviated duration of superheat and flush 2005
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Copper Touch Surfaces in Healthcare Facilities – Natural Antimicrobial 2005
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Legionnaires’ Disease in Long-Term Care Facilities – Overview and Proposed Solutions 2005
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Survival of Escherichia coli 0157 on a range of metal surfaces 2005
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Copper as Biocide Tool – Dr Gadi Borkov and Dr Jeffrey Gabbay reviewing the use of copper 2004
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Keeping Legionella Out of Water Systems 2004
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Multi-Year Study – Experiences of the First 16 Hospitals Using Copper-Silver Ionization for Legionella Control 2003
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Distribution of Legionella Species and Serogroups Isolated by Culture in Patients with Sporadic Community 2002
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Legionella Life-Cycle 2002
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Legionnaires Disease Approved Code of Practice 2001
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Intermittent Use of Copper-Silver Ionization for Legionella Control in Water Distribution Systems 1998
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Individual and Combined Effect of Copper-Silver ions on Legionella 1996
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Controlled Evaluation of Copper-Silver Ionization 1993
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